Entrance Policy

If you have never been to Toddler Time before, you first need to register in person – just pop in to SuttonSA any time we’re open to do this. Please note that due to the popularity of Toddler Time, at certain times we may need to add you to our waiting list instead of being able to complete your registration.

Priority is given to children who live in the SM1 and SM2 areas of Sutton.

Please choose just ONE day to come along, so that others may benefit from enjoying Toddler Time too.

You must book online the day before you would like to come. Bookings become active at 7:30am the day before the session starts i.e. you must book online on Monday at 7:30am for Tuesday’s session or on Tuesday at 7:30am for Wednesday’s session. Please be aware that the majority of places are booked in the first few minutes of going live. Please do not book online if you have not first completed a paper registration form.

Please cancel your child’s place if you are no longer able to make it so someone else can enjoy Toddler Time. NB: Not confirming an email does not cancel the place.

If you are going to be late arriving, please let us know, otherwise after 9:45am your place may be given to someone on the waiting list.

If you do not have access to the internet at home it is possible to use the computers at Sutton Salvation Army to book. Our staff will be happy to help you through the process if required.

Book now!

Bee-haviour PolicyBarry Bee

We all have our bad days, but bad behaviour doesn’t make things any better! Barry Bee wants to encourage us all to keep our sting out of Toddler Time!

What kind of parent/carer/child do you want to be?

Barry Bee would like adults and children to work together and help each other to…

  • Be kind and friendly to each other
    Please say hi to people around you – it is always nice to see a friendly face and helps to keep our group a welcoming place to be! Please also encourage children not to lash out – and if it happens please help them to understand the importance of saying sorry to each other.
  • Be respectful of the space and toys
    Please remember that the building is used by many people in our community. Please tidy away toys in the coffee house after use and encourage children to look after the things that are used. If something gets broken or dirty please let a team member know so that it can be washed, fixed or replaced.
  • Be quiet and listen
    Song time is a part of our session where we can stop and come together as a group – please help children to understand that this is a time to take a break from the toys. Please join everyone in the circle and take part with your child.
  • Be helpful
    Everyone at Toddler Time is a volunteer – please help wherever you can to keep the place clean and tidy. Encourage children to help tidy up toys and clear tables – they love the opportunity to help!
  • Be sharing
    Please encourage children to take it in turns when playing with the toys – this gives everyone the chance to enjoy them.
  • Be thoughtful
    Please treat others in the way you wish to be treated and speak positively about others. Please use language that is appropriate for everyone to hear. Please, do NOT take photographs.  Please do not bring your child if they have been unwell in the previous 48 hours.
  • Be patient and understanding
    Please be understanding if Toddler Time is busy and unable to accommodate you at times. The team will do their best to make things fair for everyone and your patience is always appreciated. Please, only book for one session per week and cancel your booking if you are unable to attend.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi)

These guidelines have been written based on our Christian Ethos which is shared by staff and volunteers at Sutton Salvation Army


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