…and we’re back!!!!

Are you ready?? Coz’ Toddler Time returns tomorrow! Hurray!!!

What an amazing summer we have had! The sun has kept shining, right up until yesterday! Does this mean from today the winter is coming? Oh well, this year i don’t feel robbed. We’ve had our good share of sunshine!

However the hols were for you – busy, quiet, loud, lonely, noisy, hot, cold, chaotic, fun, frustrating, happy, not long enough – Toddler Time is now about to bring you back a sense of routine as we prepare to start again tomorrow and Wednesday! We have been re-organising and cleaning toys, collecting things from the toy library and getting our craft on – all ready to welcome you, our wonderful families, back into our lives!

A few things have changed…

New Team!
We are DELIGHTED to share that we now have a few new faces in purple aprons! Please make a point of welcoming them on board when you see them and i’m sure they will be more than happy to have a good chin wag with you. They will of course be helping to lead activities such as story and song time too so please remember to help them feel at ease as they stand in front of us all, probably with their own babies on their hips, and lead us in some fun!

New Signing In
When you arrive to Toddler Time please make your way to The Coffee House hatch where a member of the team will sign you in, take payment and give you a Toddler Time postcard as receipt. This will need to be handed in as you enter the room and will help us to keep an eye on numbers and spaces. 

Toy boxes
The drawers on the left as you enter the room have all been sorted and labelled with a picture – helping our little ones to know exactly what’s inside! You and your child/ren are very welcome to choose something to play with from the drawers and then return them when you have finished playing. We will continue to label things where we can throughout the term to help us all know where things go at tidy up time. This makes our job as team a little easier and we appreciate your help and support.

Please remember that all children should have their shoes off when coming into the Toddler Time room and we ask that you kindly refrain from taking photographs as we now run a ‘No Photo’ policy.

Well, i think all that remains is for me to say…we look forward to welcoming you this week!!!

Be blessed everyone – see you soon!

Gemma 🙂


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