The Toddler Time Toddle!


Introducing The Toddler Time Toddle…a one-off sponsored toddle event taking place next Tuesday 16th July!

Some of you will remember Andy Peddle (pictured above) – an elderly gentleman walking 9,000 miles to raise money for The Salvation Army – who came to visit us at Toddler Time a few weeks ago (Wednesday). Many of you were inspired and moved by his challenge and we have decided to help him on his way by joining him on our very own walk!

Andy is raising money for the work that The Salvation Army does with Homelessness and Human Trafficking. You can see more about Andy’s walk here:

We will be providing sponsorship forms at Toddler Time this week for you to ask friends and family to support your little one as they toddle to the farm and help make a difference in the lives of so many.

On the day of the toddler we will meet at Morden Hall at 9:45am. If you do not have a car, but you do have car seats please let us know and we can arrange transport for you where possible.

Of course we would welcome anyone who wants to raise money for this cause, but we ask that only registered Toddler Time members book a place to take part in the farm event as we have limited space and equipment.

If you attend Toddler Time regularly please book your child a place in the usual way. **YOU ONLY NEED TO BOOK A SPACE FOR CHILDREN WHO WILL BE WALKING, CRAFTING AND REQUIRING A LUNCH BAG!

More info at Toddler Time this week!!

PS. Toddler Time sessions will not take place on Tuesday 16th or Wednesday 17th. We will return to normal after the holidays in September.

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