Updated Info…please read-we may quiz you!

Hello everyone! 

We hope you’ve been enjoying another great term at Toddler Time – it certainly makes our day to be able to see so many of you enjoying the group!

It really has been quite a while since our last proper update so we thought we’d better knuckle down! There is some important info that applies to all of us, so do please have a read below! (We will try and make it as ‘bullet-pointy’ as possible!) 

NO SHOES – Slippers are more fun!! Regardless of the weather or season children’s outdoor shoes should now be left at the door! 

PLACES – Don’t miss out by being late – your place may be given away! Your place will only be guaranteed until 9:40am so please be on time to start at 9:30am!

NO SPACE – If our sessions are full and you didn’t get a place, then feel free to pop in after 9:40 to see if there have been any cancellations. Or you could call the office to find out before you leave the house!

BABIES – This is complicated so read carefully…Babies attending WITHOUT older siblings must be booked in online and will be charged at the usual rate of 50p. Babies attending WITH an older sibling DO NOT need to book a place (and will be free of charge) until they are 6 months old! They must however, be signed in under the funky new ‘baby’ column when you arrive!

CANCELLATIONS – Please make sure you cancel your place online, or via the office if you are no longer able to attend the session. If you can’t reach a human being on the phone you can leave a message to let us know!

SICKY SIBLINGS – This is important stuff…If your older child is off school due to illness PLEEEEAAASE DON’T bring them to Toddler Time! Please make alternative arrangements for their care or wait until they are back at school so our teeniest ones don’t get sick too!

BE SAFE – Please remember that you are responsible for your own child/ren’s behaviour and safety at all times. Please be with your child, play alongside them and watch them at all times! 

We also have some news about new ministers coming to Sutton SA which we will post for you sometime this week! But for now…enjoy your weekend and see you at Toddler Time! 🙂 


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