Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Hello and welcome back to you all! We hope you have had a wonderful festive season whatever you have done, and we look forward to hearing all about it!

Please note that registration will be open again from this Tuesday – for 2 weeks only! Please book online if you are planning on attending either Tuesday or Wednesdays session and you may register online when you arrive. Please note that registration must be completed during the first 2 weeks of term after which a password will be added to the online booking system for registered members only. (If the sessions are full you may still come along to register for future sessions during these 2 weeks.)

We have a few new changes to team this term as some of us return to work and some of us have babies! Within these changes different members of the team will be planning and leading the circle time at the end of our sessions – we really value your support and encouragement and know that you will continue to be great at doing this as we try things out! All our team members are volunteers from the church who, despite the range of backgrounds and experiences, are also mainly mums who love to help our fab community at Toddler Time! Please feel free to always share any helpful thoughts or suggestions so we can continue to make Toddler Time great!

Any queries please get in touch! We look forward to welcoming you this week!


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