Want song words? Starting up a business? Read on…

Another fab week at Toddler Time – we were so happy to see so many children enjoying the new shop!


Please keep visiting our Community pages! Our latest additions are…

Song Words

So many of you request song words, or want to know which versions we are using so that you can buy them at home. We now have a ‘Songs’ page under community to help you out with learning how the songs go! If you would like to see any more on there just let us know!


Are you looking to set up your own business? Are you selling something yummy, crafty, funky…? Why not give us your details so that we can link to your website! Also book in a week at Toddler Time to come and show or tell everyone about your products or services! Not sure where to start? Send us an email or come and have a chat!


We have reached capacity for registrations at the moment – but this is only temporary! Once you are registered you may book online for Toddler Time sessions – if you would like to know when registrations are open again then please make sure you subscribe to this site for updates. Do also contact us with any queries you may have!


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