Newsy Stuff

Hi everyone – we hope you have all had a fantastic week!

Thank you to our fab mum helper Adrienne for organising and facilitating our Toddler Time book swap last Tuesday and Wednesday! I know many of you thought it was a great idea and so we hope to run another one during the half-term holidays – alongside some other fun activities!

Our fab new info cards have arrived – all shiny, round cornered and perfect for your wallets – to help you remember our contact details and web address. Make sure you collect one this week!

We are hoping that this site will become really valuable to all of you in some way and although it’s currently still a work in progress we do encourage you to browse it when you can. Our community pages are soon to be filled with exciting things – the most recent addition being our ‘mum-preneur’ section! If you are starting your own small business and want to share it with us at Toddler Time one week then please let us know!

We look forward to welcoming you all this week – don’t forget to book your place if you are coming!

Blessings, The Toddler Time Team x


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