Book Swap and Twin Club!

Welcome back to you all – we had a brilliant first week back at Toddler Time! The online booking system worked out really well and it was great to see everyone arriving much more relaxed than usual after enjoying an extra 20 minutes of their morning!

This coming Tuesday (20th) and Wednesday (21st) we will be holding a BOOK SWAP!! Use the rest of this week to have a sort out and bring your unwanted baby and children’s books along to swap for tokens that will allow you to choose some different books! Small books=1 token, large books=2 tokens. Give your books to Adrienne at the start of Toddler Time, browse and choose new books after toast time!(Thanks to Adrienne for organising!!)

This week is also the first week back for Twin Tuesday! The session starts at 1:30pm and finishes at 3pm. The sessions will be coordinated by our team member Tatiane and one of our twin mummies, Jo!

Don’t forget to book online Monday and Tuesday for the session you would like to attend! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


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