Toddler Time is BACK!

Yes Toddler Time returns this coming Tuesday and Wednesday!

Registrations are now open!!

It is time again for everyone to re-register as we look forward to welcoming many new faces – and missing those who have gone off to school! You can now register online at home or wherever you have internet access by logging onto this site and clicking ‘register’. (Each registration lasts for the entire academic year.)

Book Online

We have thought long and hard about how we make the entrance policy fairest for everyone and so this term we will be trialing pre-booking! Once you are registered you may then book online for Toddler Time a day in advance by clicking ‘Book Online’ on this website. Booking for each session becomes live one day in advance. (So you should book on Mondays for Tuesdays session and on Tuesdays for Wednesdays session.) If you don’t have access to the internet it is possible to use the computers at Sutton Salvation Army where our staff will help you if required.

We hope this will help those who frequently miss out due to busy numbers and it will stop people having to wait for half an hour prior to the session. The morning sessions begin at 9:30am. Please make sure you arrive before 9:35 in order to keep your place and you must cancel (online or on the phone) if you are no longer able to make it.

If you have any problems with your booking please call 0208 642 9862

We look forward to welcoming you this week! 🙂


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