Let’s start again…

Dearest Toddler Timers! Welcome once again to this rather under-used blog site which was set up quite some time ago now! We have been waiting for an easier to remember web address for the site, but although that is still in progress we don’t want to wait any longer before using this wonderful tool! So, once you are subscribed to this site you will receive all our Toddler Time news and updates on events straight to your inbox (which we promise not to clog up!) and you can then unsubscribe (if you really want to) any time you like.

Let’s start by sharing our holiday events so far…THIS COMING TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY (26th and 27th) we have some exciting things happening. Tuesday we will be hosting a cinema event showing ‘Finding Nemo’ at 10am and ‘Up’ at 2pm. All children (including your slightly older ones) are welcome to join us for either film. Wednesday will be a Messy Play and craft session beginning at 9:30am-11ish! This will be first-come, first-served and we will have space for a few more than we normally take into Toddler Time. Both of these events will be to raise some money to specifically buy a new play kitchen for Toddler Time. The normal Toddler Time entry fee of 50p per person will apply and then any extra donations will be greatly appreciated! (Crafts may also have small charges per activity.)

Toddler Time will return after the summer on 13th and 14th September. If anything else is going on in the meantime we will be posting it here so please make sure you click ‘subscribe’ so you don’t get left out!

Peace x


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