Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

We hope you’ve had a brilliant Christmas time and we wish you all the best for an exciting and blessed new year!

Toddler Time is nearly back again – next Tuesday and Wednesday at the usual time! Please be prepared that we will be registering new members for the first 2 weeks only – so if you would like to bring a friend then this is the time to do so! It also means that the group may be busier than normal again so do come early. Please also continue to be understanding if we are unable to accommodate you at times. We would love to have no limit at all, but as it is we will do our best to make sure it is as fair for everyone as we can.

We are always looking for ways to improve Toddler Time and would love to hear your ideas or helpful feedback. Last term we had a glowing report written following a visit from the Sutton Preschool Learning Alliance. We were so pleased with the report but also challenged to take on board some of their suggestions. Who would like to help us?? We are looking for one or two of you who would be willing to make up some sensory/nature baskets – to bring the outdoors into one of our humble corners! Would anybody please be willing to do this for us? Please do let me know if this is something you could do to help – i’m sure there is someone out there with that creative flair!!

Thanks to all of you for being such a FAB group of parents, carers and children. As a team we feel very blessed to serve our community in this way and we really love having you all at Toddler Time! Thanks for all your continued help, encouragement and support. Here’s to another great year…!


Gemma x


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